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Four Seasons of Madarao Kogen

Madarao Kogen, located at an altitude of 1000m, has distinct seasons.

winterThere is more than 3m of snow every year, and the lowest temperature in the middle of winter is around -10℃.

The powder snow slopes are a popular area for skiers and boarders.

Mid-MarchWhen it's late, the soft sunlight brings a warm spring to the mountains and forests covered in deep snow.

Butterbur and wildflowers (dogtooth violet, hepatica, fukujusou...) on thawed ground and trails

is peeking out, and lovely skunk cabbage flowers begin to bloom all over the marshland of Numanohara.

early MayAt this time, along with the budding of trees, you can see beech trees emerging on the trails within the plateau.

The trekking season is the season where you can feel the brilliance of life in the natural world that has endured the severe cold and welcomed spring.

It's the beginning.

short and beautifulhighland summerhas an average temperature of around 20°CThe natural cool breeze is comfortable, and besides walking in the forest

Enjoy a variety of activities,We welcome customers as a summer resort for stays.

Best time to see autumn leavesMid-OctoberFrom mid-October onwards, we receive news of the first snowfall from the nearby mountains.

​Winter is coming to Madarao Kogen.

Late November to early DecemberWhen it becomesstarting to fall,The trail is a snowshoe hike

It will be a pure white different world that you can enjoy.

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