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​ Madarao Kogen Promenade "Tomonokai" Notice of Recruitment of Members

The Madarao Kogen Promenade will maintain and manage the entire Madarao Kogen Trail,

In recent years, wild grasses have been planted on a 12-km trail called the “Glaucidium glabra trail”.

We are working hard to protect, nurture and increase the number of blooming areas.  

In the past, Madarao Kogen was home to many wild grasses, including Glaucidium glabra.

 The number has decreased sharply due to tourism development, global warming, illegal mining, etc.


Therefore, volunteers attempted a "Glaucidium glabra revival operation" and

Seedlings grown from Madarao's Shirane-aoi seeds are planted, and the number increases every year.

I have been doing it. From 2021, we will open the "Glaucidium glabra"

Everyone enjoys about 3,000 Shiranaeoi flowers. 


 From now on, there will be an initiative to connect this "Glaucidium glabra" to the future

It has become even more important, and we will borrow the help of outside people to maintain and manage it for the next generation.

I am thinking of inheriting it.                      


                      We would like to invite you to participate in the promenade "Tomonokai".               

Detail isSecretariatPlease contact us.Thank you.                    

                      Madarao Kogen PromenadeChairman Teruo Yamada               







・山田輝男 ・南雲徹 ・佐藤寛 ・小川彰 ・小川文子 ・新山淑子 ・斎藤真理子

・門田美代子 ・伊藤豪 ・伊藤かほる ・山森由枝 ・丸山和彦 ・石岡恵博 

・浅岡靖憲 ・山森由枝 ・青山良成 ・高沢広一


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