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Madarao Kogen Promenademeeting

What is a promenade


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"The main activities of the Madarao Kogen Promenade are the protection, cultivation and management of the precious wild grasses on the trails in the Madarao Kogen area.

In 2006, we succeeded in sprouting Glaucidium glabra from seeds, and transplanted 3-year-old seedlings to areas that had already grown naturally, increasing the number year by year.

The "promenade" introduces comfortable and safe ways to enjoy the field throughout the year, mainly for seniors who love the rich nature and Madarao Kogen at an altitude of 1000m.

The Madarao Kogen Trail, which is also the starting point of the Shinetsu Trail, offers a wide variety of trekking courses that can be enjoyed according to your physical strength.

Yamano grass appreciation ★Beech forest ★Forest and lake ★Summit course

Of wintersnowshoeWe recommend the Snow Forest and Summit Courses. (Outside Madarao Kogen Ski Resort)


[promenade] recommendation

We are part of a natural ecosystem.

Let's learn the importance of life by getting in touch with nature and playing with friends in nature.

​And take the first step to protect and nurture the natural ecosystem with your friends.

〒389-2257Iiyama Madarao Kogen, Iiyama City, Nagano Prefecture


​ Promenade representative Teruo Yamada

Hiroshi Sato

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