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2023Madarao Kogen Guided Summer Trekking

From July to the end of August Sponsored by Madarao Kogen Promenade
シラネアオイ001 (2).jpg
​Numanohara Wetland showing the atmosphere of summer

[Participation requirements]

·Entry fee


  1 day course 6,000 yen per person (2,000 yen for children)

  ・Meeting & returning place: Madarao Kogen Yama no Ie


·Reception time


    One-day course: Same as above 9:30 departure - 15:00 return

Afternoon: 1:00 pm to 1:30 pm Departure from 1:30 pm to return at 4:00 pm



・ Rainwear, gloves, hats, spats, mobile phones, sunglasses, water, food, trekking poles,

   Waterproof climbing shoes orTrekking shoes, climbing bags, etc.

[About dispatching guides]

In the case of a group application, we will discuss the course, time, etc. and the number of guides.


We also ask about the purpose of trekking and select a guide that meets the purpose.

 Guide fee 

      25,000 yen per day per guide


(Up to 10 customers per guide)



Madarao Kogen promenade


​          Inquiries by email

★Please apply at least 2 days in advance.

★From 4 people, the above price will be charged.

  For 2 to 3 adults (2 adults + 1 child are allowed)

  It will be held at an additional charge of 500 yen for half a day and 1,000 yen for a full day. (No extra charge for children)


  The guide in charge will make decisions such as changing or canceling the course depending on the weather and other circumstances on the day.

In that case pleaseWe ask you to acknowledge it.


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